The Best Approach to Use My Undelete Software

Don’t worry after accidental or intentional deletion of files from system still you can undelete all those deleted files and folders by using My Undelete software. Many of you may be wondered about how it became possible to undelete deleted or lost files from your system? Yes! My Undelete Software makes it too easy to recover files by using its advanced technology. Whenever your files get delete from your system, just you lose the access control of that file otherwise that file is present at the same location on hard drive. However, if you want to recover your file without any loss then you need to undelete those all files before overwriting. Once these file get overwrite by new files then it becomes too much difficult to recover. So it is recommended to employ My Undelete Software and perform recovery of lost, deleted, and inaccessible files not only from system hard drive but also from other storage device too. Know More Here

There are some situations are mentioned below due to which you may face data loss and to recover them you can employ My Undelete Software:

Scenarios of data loss:

  • Failure of formatting/reformatting of drive: While performing formatting / reformatting process of drives, there are chances of failure of formatting / reformatting processes due to any kind of interruption (like abrupt system turn off etc). This leads to loss of data from hard drive.
  • Improper partition/repartition of drive: During the process of partition/repartition of hard drive using third party tool, if tool get crashed or corrupt then, due to such improper process you may face data loss from other partition.
  • Crashing of system hard drive: Viruses and malwares are the hazardous threats, which replicate itself and affect and corrupt your system hard drive which leads to data loss.
  • File system corruption: Every storage device contains the file system like FAT and NTFS to hold data in it. There are chances of corruption of these file system due to abrupt system turn off, abrupt removal of external device etc. Once these file system get corrupt then you may face the severe data loss from your system.

These are the most common and frequently happening data loss scenarios which you can avoid by taking care of following scenarios,

Precautionary steps to avoid data loss:

  • Keep updated antivirus in system.
  • Keep good quality UPS.
  • Always keep a backup of imp files.
  • Never keep volatile data on desktop.

After following these steps still if you are victim of data loss from system hard drive then to undelete those lost, deleted and inaccessible file use My Undelete Software and perform recovery. There are some extraordinary features of My Undelete Software are explained below,

Features of My Undelete Software:

  • My Undelete Software helps to recover lost, deleted and inaccessible data from corrupted, crashed, formatted, inaccessible hard drive.
  • This software supports to different file system like FAT16, FAT32, ExFAT, NTFS and NTFS5 etc.
  • My Undelete Software helps to recover data from system hard drive as well as from other storage devices like memory cards like SD, XD, CF, MMC etc, USB drives, iPods etc.
  • This software is capable to recover more than 300 file types on the basis of unique signature with its file name, size, type and date.
  • My Undelete software helps to restore files from Windows7, Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows Server 2000 and 2003.

If you wish to try for this software then download free demo version of this software and try for recovery before purchasing this software. My Undelete software is provided with user manual with snap shots which helps to recover your lost, deleted and inaccessible data very quickly and efficiently. To download free demo version of this software Use This Site.

Real best ways to undelete photos from Recycle Bin

Sitting on a couch and showing your friends and their wives your childhood memories that too in your digital camera would give you a great experience. Most of us know the importance of photos and this is the reason why they need them to be kept safe. The best medium to preserve the data is computer’s hard disk and this is the reason why it have had taken a good place in a human’s life.

Systems are built with hard disk and also other hard wares are assembled in them. But the best part to store the data other than external devices is hard disk. Apart from hard disk memory card also play important role in saving the photos. The cameras have their inbuilt memory starting from 2 GB but somewhere they are not at all enough to save the photos. So the reason they are expanded by memory cards.

Memories of camera are expandable and computers as well. Camera’s memory are expanded by memory card where as computers are expanded by external hard disk. Other than this many mediums are used to keep the photos.

Let see what happens when user save photos in their computer system. The photos are saved in hard disk and they are used from there itself as memory card is not appropriate to save large amount of photos. When the photos are saved in the hard disk there comes one risk and that is of deletion or loss of photos.

Suppose you have had find that your hard disk partition is full and you want some space to use. You delete some of the photos from it and those pictures are stored in the Recycle Bin. Later you forget about the situation and you just emptied your Recycle Bin. What outcomes will be there for these things? The files will be gone completely. Here, in the next few statements you will come to know what else can follow you in concern of loss. Accidental deletion of files from your Recycle Bin is just one thing but you can face lot more in same respect.

If somehow you skip from this accidental deletion then how come you can save your self from unwilling format? As soon as you insert your external drive in the system it shows this drive is not format do you want to format the drive? Deletion of photos from hard disk sometimes can skip the Recycle Bin it happens in two cases:

  • When you are using shift delete button to delete the photos from hard disk. This scenario will skip the storage of Recycle Bin and will result in loss of files.
  • When the files are increased in size from Recycle Bin then also there will be loss. This deletion will skip the Recycle Bin when you delete the files large in size than your Recycle Bin.

What else could make you delete files from your Recycle Bin?

  • Virus attack may delete files not only from hard disk but also it is effective in Recycle Bin’s area.
  • Formatting the hard disk will delete all the files from hard disk and also will delete the partition space of Recycle Bin.
  • If you want to increase the size of the Recycle Bin by format or with use of some third party tool then also it can lose data.

Recover files from memory card

Nowadays memory cards are specially used as outdoor storage device for digital cams, iPods, iTunes and cell phones. Memory cards or the memory sticks are available with large capability to store files like music, video, photos, games etc. But sometimes memory cards may become inaccessible or inadvertently you may delete files from it.  Once the deleted or lost data from memory card or memory stick, then you may probably looking for third party tool to get them back. Here is the preeminent memory card revival software. Memory card recovery application helps you to regain all lost or deleted files, now go through with the data loss reasons.

Common reasons to lose files from memory card: –

  • Virus strike: – There is a chance of virus commotion on your memory card and this virus may damage to files stored on memory card. Sometimes virus may corrupt the complete files and craft them to inaccessibility.
  • Abrupt removal of memory card: – While file transfer is on progress, if suddenly the memory card is removed then files might be broken and results in inaccessibility of files stored on it.
  • Formatting faults: – You may format the memory card accidentally, in other hand if there occur sudden stoppage during formatting the memory card or memory stick, then complete data might be lost.
  • Bad sectors: -If there exists any bad sectors on memory card, then all files stored on it might be damaged or turn out to be inaccessible.
  • Sudden ejection: – If you eject the memory card when it is running on camera or while previewing files if you eject it, then it causes data loss.
  • Power loss:  – Power may swiftly fail while moving files from memory card to system, then data may perhaps get corruption and become inaccessible and important files might be mislaid.

Avoid overwriting- Simply evade the overwriting of memory card after losing files, it may tend to permanent loss of files. Once the files are lost or deleted from memory card or memory stick, then simply stop its usage and constantly keep back up of crucial files.

So in order to undelete files from memory card, use this memory card recuperation software. This software is too built with many advantageous features. It can get back deleted files from interrupted read / write process on memory cards. The files which are lost due to accidental or intentional formatting can be recovered. This software is built with commanding algorithms to carry out quick recuperation process.

It is helpful to retain deleted file from memory card like SD, XD, MMC memory cards and also usable on external USB drives, FireWire drives memory stick, iPods iTunes etc. It won’t rework on unaffected files. It is capable of restoring files from inaccessible memory cards and also regains different types of files such as photos, texts, graphics, videos, audios etc. from it. It supports almost all brands of memory cards as well as memory sticks. It offers you two scan options; depending on the severity of data loss you can choose the scan option. This software can be functional to bring back files from password protected and extremely encrypted memory cards and sticks.

You can download the demo edition of memory card revival software and run it. Once the memory card or memory stick is scanned completely, then all lost files will be put on view and you can use scan process the “Save Recovery Session” option to pass up repeated scanning. Thus with trial sort you can test out its results, if you need to access the retrieved files you need to pay for the absolute version of this software.


Guidelines to recover deleted items from Outlook 2010

Microsoft Outlook 2010 is widely used for to be in touch through emails, setting memento, meetings, saving contacts etc. and all these are accumulated in a single Personal Storage Table file known as PST files. Many business organizations, IT sectors, Colleges etc, are using MS Outlook as a medium for mail replace. The PST file is not only a platform email but also for other Outlook attributes like contacts, appointments, calendar, etc. All the files containing these attributes are stored on the hard drive like other files.

Emails are the best way to stay connected with friends, family, colleagues. Microsoft Outlook is the most preferred email client as you can create and manage more than one account in it and you can access it in offline mode too. There are many reasons where your emails may get deleted from inbox, sent items, drafts etc. So be prepared for such type of disasters happens to you. One often deletes unwanted files or any other Outlook item to keep their system efficient. Some times while deleting those unimportant files you may delete your precious Outlook attribute data. This results in huge data loss, now you are struggling to find solution to regain Outlook PST files data deleted due to accidental deletion. Now in such circumstances you don’t need to panic because, with the help of Outlook 2010 file recover software you can recoup your deleted files.

The above listed scenarios are some familiar reasons where most users face such type of problems and gets irritate, now it’s possible to recoup your deleted files with the help of this software whatever may be the reason for deletion.

  • Virus intrusion: This is the most frequent reason, which leads to deletion of files from Outlook PST. These viruses may spread through email attachment, internet modems, modems etc, to infect the files results in loss of files.
  • Inappropriate shutdown: While viewing emails or modifying emails, Suppose your computer shuts suddenly due to power outage, this might lead to deletion of that files.
  • Accidental deletion: Whereas deleting some unwanted files from inbox to save the space in Outlook, there may be chance that by mistake you delete your precious files, resulting in loss of files.
  • Up gradation of MS office Outlook: When you wish to upgrade your Microsoft Outlook, PST files in it get corrupt due to improper installation and thus all your emails become inaccessible.


This tool is elegant because by default it regains all deleted emails and includes them in the new PST file. In the occasion when you don’t know the exact position of your PST files which is to be recoup, the tool provides you with the option to search the PST file with help of his advance scanning technology. During scanning process the software instantaneously saves the PST files in the virtual memory. Therefore, a smaller amount of system resources is used.

Some important guidelines to prevent files loss from Outlook 2010 are:

  • You should not forget to create as well as maintain regular backups to regain all your important data in cases of data loss.
  • As all we know that PST file has a specific size limit exceeding size limit issues and slow Outlook performances. So, it is highly suggested not to save a large number of mails or other items in a single PST files.

The demo version of the software is available to confirm its capacity. Just download the trial version and install it in your PC and execute it, when you perform, it is going to get back all deleted / lost PST files to make them visible. So you can get the obtained files. If you want to save the regained files, you have to purchase the software.