Best App to Recover Lost Pictures from Pentax Digital Camera

Pentax digital camera is produced by Ricoh Imaging Americas Corporation. The DSLR cameras of Pentax  provides very high quality images along with other additional features like WIFI enabled digital camera, Self-Picture Button, advanced HDR mode etc. that make users very reliable to use it.

Some models of Pentax cameras are not having internal memory to store captured photos, videos and it fully depends on memory card such as SD and SDHC to store all images and videos. Photos and videos can get deleted on your memory card when you handle it with less care. You can store several photos in memory card including important photos that you have taken in various meetings, functions etc. These important photos are prone to lost from your memory card in numerous ways.

Some Reasons for photo loss in Pentax digital camera memory card:

  • Interruption while Data transfer: While moving photos from your Pentax digital camera memory card to computer/laptop, interruptions due to power failure can cause photo loss from your memory card.
  • Improper Ejection: If you eject the memory card of digital camera improperly while a data transfer has been taking place, it may leads to loss of some precious photos.
  • Virus attacks: while transferring photos from PCs/laptops to Pentax digital camera, then one of the main risks is to deal with virus or malware programs. If your desktop/ laptop computer is virus infected, it can corrupt the photos on your memory card and as a result photo loss can happen.
  • Formatting Memory card: Formatting Pentax digital camera memory card accidentally can cause severe photo loss.
  • Other Causes: Memory card can also get damaged due to various reasons like physical damage, using same memory card on various gadgets, bad sectors on the card, etc.

Photos lost from your memory card are easily recoverable by choosing the award winning recovery software called Pentax Photo Recovery tool that helps you to bring back all lost photos easily and very efficiently.

Some important feature of Pentax Photo Recovery:

  • Pentax Photo Recovery software easily recovers lost photo from Pentax digital camera by the help of its advanced built in algorithm.
  • This software provides both Data View and File Type View to list recovered files. Using this option one can easily customize the view of important photos.
  • This application is available in both windows and Mac operating systems to recover photos efficiently.
  • Using this application one can restore lost photos from all types of digital cameras such as Nikon, Samsung, Canon, Casio, etc.
  • It can be used to recover lost photos in different types of memory card like SD card and SDHC etc.
  • This software provides a preview option after scanning. Using this option one can easily preview recovered photos prior to restoration.
  • Using this software You can recover photos in a compressed format to save disk space.


 Points to Remember:

  • Regularly backup important photos from Pentax digital camera to external storage devices to prevent photo loss.
  • Never switch off the digital camera while processing data transfer.