Best Tool to Rescue Lost Files after Windows Re-installation

People use their computer for nearly anything from entertainment to professional work. Eventually, many of them rely on computer for his or her social interaction too. The majority of the people who use computers preferred Windows OS over Mac, due to its simple graphical user interface and price. However, in certain uncertain situations you might lose data from the Windows computer. Loss of data because of reinstallation of Windows OS is among the most often happened scenarios. Sometimes, if you are using Windows as the computer OS for long periods, then sooner or later you need to get rid of the previous OS and reinstall the new Windows OS. Before such happening, if you haven’t created proper backup then you might face file loss from the system, which is vital in your case. Don’t quit!!! As Windows File Recovery application can get back your lost essential files in few clicks of mouse.

Reinstallation of OS has occurred because of various reasons. When corruption of OS happens, users have to reinstall a brand new healthy Windows OS. After reinstallation of OS there might have chance that you just lose your files. Actually while reinstallation users format the active hard disk partition, where corrupt OS resides, it is almost always C: drive. In case you have stored any file with that particular partition then after reinstallation, you can’t find your previously stored data since it has become overridden. Fortunately, still you’ll be able to recover files after reinstalling Windows with the aid of above stated finest tool. For those who like to find out the steps to recover file then you definitely must watch the tutorial given at the last.

Missing boot files are among probably the most major reason for Windows reinstallation. Sometimes because of different reasons boot files get deleted or lost and giving an error message while OS of the system attempts to initiate. In this case you might have tried with repair Windows option given by the Windows installation/bootable disk. If efforts to produce operating-system fail then lastly you have to install healthy Windows OS. It might result in loss of data, if the important files are stored using the primary partition.

Windows File Recovery utility is definitely an impressive tool for restoring data lost because of Windows reinstallation. This application entitles users to obtain back all sorts of files including images, documents and many more. You are able to rescue lost files if you have upgraded your OS and lost a several of your vital files stored system hard disk. Preview of recovered data before saving can be done with this particular smart tool.