Simple Way to Recover Deleted FAT32 Partition Data

recover deleted fat32 partitionWhat is FAT 32?

FAT- File Allocation table is an index table that contains entries for each section of disk storage. Each entry records either the number of the cluster in the file or else a pointer indicating end of file, unused disk space, or special reserved areas of the disk. Usually root directory have the record of the number of very first cluster each file. Operating system reads this data I FAT table to find a particular file. So Operating system to work it is essentially needed to format a storage system with file allocation table

Types of FAT- Originally this system was designed for 8 bit but as the drives evolved the no of bits increases so is the variant of FAT. Now w have FAT12, FAT16, FAT32 based on he no of the bits drive has.

Modern systems and FAT

As modern system has been evolving day by day, therefore FAT has lost its popularity compare to modern file format system such as NTFS. However for removable drives FAT32 is still a first choice.


FAT32 only supports individual file up to 4GB size and a volume up to 2TB. That means fi you have a video file more than 4GB then you can`t store it in FAT32 formatted partition or if you have a 3TB external hard drive, then entire hard drive can`t be formatted with single FAT32 partition

How to Format a Drive with FAT32

In Windows, if you run the Fdisk tool on a hard disk that is over 512 megabytes (MB) in size, Fdisk prompts you whether or not to enable large disk support. If you answer “Yes” (enabling large disk support), any partition you create that is larger than 512 MB is marked as a FAT32 partition. 
Another method

Windows also includes a FAT32 conversion tool that you can use to convert an existing drive to the FAT32 file system. To use the conversion tool, follow these steps:

  1. Click Start, point to Programs, point to Accessories, point to System Tools, and then click Drive Converter (FAT32).
  2. Click Next.
  3. Click the drive that you want to convert to the FAT32 file system, and then click Next.
  4. Follow the instructions on the screen.


Once you convert a disk to some other file system for example from FAT32 to NTFS, you can`t simply reverse the process and get back the FAT 32 partition again. For that you have to format the drive which will wipe out the data.

What to do to when it is almost unavoidable to delete FAT32 partition

You might need to switch to FAT32 either due to performance issue or Dual boot able computer, any how switching to another file system requires a format operation. Format command will definitely erase all your data. So, before you opt for this backup all your data in another drive. You can either create recovery using tool provided in windows or simply copy and paste your important data into any other drive.

What if you already deleted FAT 32 partitions without backup?

Even if you have deleted your partition without taking any back up, there are ways present to recover deleted FAT32 partition. A third party recovery tool is reliable approach in this situation. Format command generally initializes the drive. A partition recovery tool can retrieve those data back by carefully analyzing the deleted FAT32 partitions.

Software to Recover Lost or Deleted Partition

A hard drive can be divided into multiple small logical units referred as partition. Partition is used to separation between OS and program files from user files and enables you to store files and folder in well manner. By partitioning you can use multiple OS on single computer. Besides this, it provides you to secure your data. You can format any specific partition without affecting data stored in other partitions.

You can use many partitioning tools available on the market to create, resize and format hard drive partition in effective way. But, sometimes these tools can corrupt the partition or leads to loss or deletion of partition. However, you can make use of Expert Data Recovery Tools for recovering corrupted, formatted, deleted or lost partition data in an effective way. This partition recovery tool is capable of recovering data from re-partitioned or re –formatted hard drive partition on Windows and Mac operating system.

Main scenarios behind the deletion or loss of partition:

  • Accidental Deletion: While you using various disk management tool like Windows Disk Management Utility for creating partitions of hard drive on Windows computer but you accidentally deleting a partition as a result of this you lose an entire partition.
  • Unintentional Formatting: When you formatting a partition that contains only junk data but you may unintentionally formatting the partition from computer which may cause of loss of entire data stored on it.
  • File System Conversion: When converting a file system from one to other for ex FAT to other, there are chance of loss of encryption details and file system permission which may cause of inaccessible file.
  • Virus Infection: The main role of virus infection for corruption of files of hard drive partition which may cause of file corrupt, delete or lost from partition as a result file unreachable or inaccessible.

Apart from the above mentioned reasons, there are few more reasons for loss or deletion of hard drive partition such as storage drive corruption, power failure during partition, bad sectors on hard drive, boot sector damage, etc. In this condition, the efficient recovery utility named as Expert Data Recovery tools will help you to recover deleted, lost or formatted partition with greater ease under these mentioned scenarios.

Amazing Features of Experts Data Recovery Tools:

  • This is the best partition recovery software available in the market; you can recover deleted, lost, formatted/reformatted partition data without any hassle.
  • The partition recovery software compatible with almost all version of Mac operating system including Mavericks, Lion, Mountain Lion, Yosemite, Leopard, and so on.
  • This program is capable of recovering deleted partition of hard drive with various file system like HFS, HFSX, FAT 16, FAT 32, NTFS, NTFS 5 and ExFAT.
  • It can restore deleted partition of different types of hard drives such as SATA, SCSI, and IDE with greater ease.
  • With the help of this utility, you can retrieve partition data on the basics of file name, file location, file size and file extension with utmost ease.
  • The recovered partition can be view two ways i.e. is File Type View provides a view based on file extension and Data type view provides a view based on file types and folders.
  • This application has got powerful scanning algorithm which scans and recovers data from deleted or lost hard drive partition without any difficulties.

Friendly Tool to Recover Deleted Partition

Hard drive is normally used as a storage device in all the computers. This hard drive is recognized to be a permanent memory storage device, but in fact the assumed thing is not at all true that means the data that we save on hard drive of computer gets lost or deleted sometimes. Not only data even the partitions that exists in hard drive also gets deleted sometimes. Yes of course partitions present in computers often get deleted.

Just think about a case that you save your important data in some of the partition of your computer hard drive. Assume that the partition in which you have saved that important data gets deleted then no doubt you will lose your entire data from that deleted partition and fall into troubled state.

However now in this contemporary era you don’t have to panic, because now there exists a user friendly tool which can recover deleted partition within minutes. It is actually a deleted partition recovery application that can effectively bring back the whole partition in a very lean time.

Let us have a short discussion on the scenarios of losing partition from the hard drive.

  • Partition getting deleted by antivirus: In case any of the partition of a hard drive gets infected by a harmful computer virus then you may scan that infected partition using installed antivirus program, if the partition is severely infected and damaged then there is a chance of antivirus deleting that partition
  • Errors in repartitioning: While repartitioning the hard drive you need to be very careful, because during the process, if you do any error then there exists a chance of losing existing partitions

Apart from these, there are many other reasons on account of which you can lose the partitions from your hard drive. But in any respect you don’t have to panic, because using partition recovery tool you can easily get back deleted or lost partitions.

Some of the outstanding features of partition recovery tool are mentioned below:

Partition recovery software is one of the most outstanding tool that is specifically built to perform deleted partition recovery. Using this effective application you can also recover individual files from your hard drive. It can recover nearly 300 file types with virtually no intricacy. This powerful tool enables you to recover deleted partitions on different kinds of hard disk drive including SATA, ATA, SCSI, and IDE and so on. It is actually user friendly application that is very easy and convenient to use. It’s a fastest partition recovery application which could very speedily restore the deleted partition from hard drive of computer. This phenomenal partition recovery tool has got the ability of recovering deleted partitions from external hard drive as well.

Besides of these, there are many other helpful features included in this amazing partition recovery software.

Download the trial version of above told partition recovery application from website, and install on your computer. Run the program, and recover the partition that has been deleted from your computer hard drive. On successful recovery, purchase the paid version of similar application.