Acer Data Recovery Software – Recover Data from Acer Laptop Hard Drive

Hard Drive is a data storage device which can be used in laptop or computers to store the huge amount of data in secure and safe manner. There are various types of internal hard drives which are used in various laptop brands such as Acer, Toshiba, Sony, HP, Dell, Compact, etc.


Acer is one the most manufacturing brands which designs laptops, tablets and many more with more attractive looks and inbuilt with enhanced features. Whatever features it may be, data can lose from Acer laptop hard drive due to various accidental or intentional reasons.

For example, when you create the partitions of hard drive using unreliable tool due to this reason you may face data loss from Acer hard drive. If you want to restore deleted or lost data from Acer laptop hard drive under various scenarios, then you can use Acer Data Recovery Software. You can easily download and install in your laptop with in few simple steps and this helps to perform data recovery Acer with few mouse clicks.

Common causes that leads to deletion or loss of data from Acer HDD:

  • Sometimes if you want to remove free space on hard disk then you may go for formatting the unwanted hard drive partition which contains garbage data but by mistakenly you may format an essential hard drive partition which contains some important data. As a result of this you may lose entire data from Acer hard drive.
  • File system give instruction to operating system and defines how the files are managed or accessed in effective manner. If your file system may get corrupted due to interruption occurs any reason then you will entire data which stored on hard drive.
  • Sometimes, using unsecure conversion tool to convert the file system from one to other results in damage the file system and it may further contribute to data loss.
  • If bad sectors present on your hard drive then it leads to data loss from Acer laptop hard drive.

If, you are facing data loss from Acer laptop hard drive then you can make use of Acer data recovery software to effectively perform data recovery from Acer laptop hard drive without any hassle. This program is capable to retrieve delete or loss data from damaged, crashed and formatted or reformatted Acer laptop hard drive.

Features of Acer Data Recovery Software:

  • It is one of the most recommended tool which helps you to retrieve data from Acer laptop hard drive with greater ease.
  • You can restore deleted or lost data stored on hard drive with different file system FAT 16, FAT 32, NTFS, NTFS 5 and EXFAT on various platforms of Windows and Mac OS.
  • With the help of this tool, you can restore data from formatted/reformatted, damaged or crashed laptop hard drive with a greater ease.
  • It can retrieve data from various types of internal hard disk drives such as SCSI, IDE and PATA manufactured by different brands such as Seagate, WD, Lexar, Hitachi, etc.
  • You can recover data from various storage devices such as crashed hard drive, USB flash drive, pen drives, multimedia memory cards, memory, etc.
  • It restores data from Acer laptop hard drive and provides a preview option to restored data from Acer laptop hard drive before restoration.

Simple Solution to Recover Deleted Files from SSD Drive

Solid State Drive (SSD) is a data storage device that is used to store persistent data. These drives have many advantages compared to normal drive such as fast data access, higher performance, low power usage and more. A SDD drive does not contain any movable parts and it offers high durability, reliability and availability to it users.

But sometimes, while performing some operation on system this drive behave abnormally, and leads to data loss from it due to various reasons. In this time, you may panic and find the simple solution to recover deleted files from SSD drive. Don’t panic? Because, you can easily recover deleted files from SSD drive with the assistance of Recover Deleted Files SSD software. This software has inbuilt effective algorithm which is capable of performing deleted file recovery from SSD drive without any hassle.

Basic scenarios for deletion of files from SSD drive:

  • Unintentional Deletion: Sometimes, while deleting unused files and folders form SSD drive on computer, you may accidentally select and delete an important file which is not acceptable.
  • Virus Infection: Virus is a harmful program, which infects the files or folders stored on storage drive and make them inaccessible or unreadable.
  • Abrupt Power Surge: Sometimes while transferring files from your computer to other storage drive, system may get shut down due to power surge then there may be chance of deletion of files from SSD drive.
  • File System Corruption: File system exploitation due to malware or spyware infection. So, if file system gets corrupted, then data stored in SSD drive becomes unreachable.

Besides of above mentioned scenarios there are few more reasons due to which files may get deleted from SSD drive such as unintentional formatting drive, bad sectors on drive, MBR corruption, software conflicts, unreliable third party tool, etc. You can recover deleted files from SSD drive under these major scenarios with the take assistance of Recover Deleted Files SSD software.

Features of Recover Deleted Files SSD software:

  • The most exciting features of this software is that it recovers deleted files from SSD drive on almost all version of Windows operating system including Windows server 2003, server 2008, Window Vista, XP, 7,8, and so on.
  • This application restores deleted files from different types of hard drives such as SATA, PATA, SCSI and IDE with greater ease.
  • This tool is smart enough to identify and restore deleted files of different types like video files, documents files, picture files, audio files, etc. from SSD drive as well as other storage media such as HDD drive, external hard drive, USB flash drive, SD cards, memory stick, etc.
  • This program retrieve deleted files from file system NTFS, NTFS 5, FAT 16 and FAT 32 partition of SSD drive without any difficulties.
  • This software is also capable of recovering deleted files from damaged, crashed and formatted/ reformatted SSD drive of computer without any hassle.
  • This software has got strong scanning algorithm which conduct effective scanning of drive and recovers deleted files from SSD drive.
  • This utility is also compatible with different version of Mac operating system including Mac 10 X, Mountain Lion, Leopard, Yosemite, and so on.
  • This program has advanced feature a preview option to view the recovered deleted files from SSD drive prior to restoration.

Software to Undelete Partition

How to undelete partition from hard drive? How to recover deleted partition? How to restore data from deleted partition? These are the most common questions which are bothered by many people after they realize that by mistake have deleted partition which was not intended. After deletion of all the important files which belonged to that particular partition, files becomes inaccessible. Because of this one wrong click of delete button, all the files are gone and you feel agonized when you encounter this situation.

Many of you have the habit of pressing shift delete keys while deleting files from the system drive. If you are the one who is having the same habit then the files which you delete from your system drive will not be stored in the Recycle Bin because it gets deleted permanently from your system drive. Generally Recycle Bin is the folder where it stores all the deleted files and you can restore those deleted files back from this Recycle Bin.

Some of the causes for the deletion of files from drive are mentioned below

  • You have used delete option, shift + delete keys to delete files or folders from your drive
  • Emptied Recycle Bin folder
  • Formatted the drive without keeping the backup copy of important files
  • File gets deleted by malwares
  • Reinstallation of the operating system or installation of different operating system
  • Deletion of wrong partition from the drive rather than deleting other unimportant one

Good news for all these problems is that you can easily undelete partition from hard drive with the help of specialized partition recovery software. Undelete partition recovery software is an efficient tool which supports to recover data from deleted partition.

How undelete partition recovery software helps

Undelete partition recovery software successfully recovers deleted partitions which are completely blinked out of existence due to incorrect partitioning operation or accidental deletion of partition, missing partition form hard drive, etc. This partition recovery software allows you to search deleted volumes on the hard drive and regain the access quickly to your crucial files.

Why undelete partition recovery software

Availability of free demo version, free demo version of partition recovery software is available for both Windows and Mac operating system. By using this demo version you can easily evaluate the chances of partition recovery and also the effectiveness of the software.

Safe and threat free, all the products are scanned and packaged after scanning each file by using the latest version of antivirus program.

Basic tips to be taken after deletion of partition for successful data recovery

  • Don’t use any defrag or disk utilities on your system drive
  • Never format or reformat the drive or repartition it
  • Preceding to deletion of partition, always make sure about the selection, i.e. whether it is the correct partition or not
  • Always make the partition read-only to avoid accidental deletion of formatting
  • Don’t write anything on the drive containing the deleted partition 

Hard Drive Undelete Software

Maybe you’ve recently lost your documents from HDD and seeking on your software that can recover them? Whenever your reply is positive then you should begin searching to your utility. It scans entire drive within matter of minutes and offers back all deleted or lost files from hard drive. Generally people believe when any file gets deleted or lost it then can’t be recovered. But, this incorrect, at the time you delete any file it’s pointer is barely erased additionally, the file remains on hard drive assuming that the file location is allotted to almost every other file.

One can find different types of circumstances which might cause reduction of any file from storage device like accidental deletion of files, file system corruption of disk drive, improper avoidance of hard disk drive, virus attack, etc. Let’s discuss some in the scenario’s which cause loss of data on computer hard disk. Sometime it takes place that searchers just delete some files from HDD feeling that it might be recovered from trash. However users visit trash for recovery he can be surprised to learn that it’s not there. No file deleted from external hard disk is gone after bin. Utilize the site you should recover those files it can be performed by implementation from the software that could recover files effortlessly.

Sometimes it happens that caused by virus attack external HDD gets corrupted. So in case you desire to use your hard disk drive again, then you’ve to format it first. If you format your hard drive then you’ll definitely lose your entire file added to that card. So what is usually to be finished in such scenarios? You don’t need to worry; the tool mentioned can recover hard disk files from formatted HDD effortlessly. It is actually well equipped in order to and recovers files from formatted hard drive.

Several reasons of why people love this utility are:
An incredibly simple and useful GUI.
It quickly scans the whole disk drive and gives back all the desired files within minute.
Recovers lost files because of frequent using same HDD on several technologies like Laptop, computer, etc.
Recovers all files lost as a result of unsuccessful synchronization of hard disk drive.
It’s got preview method to look into the files which have been recovered.
Work with several file system like FAT16, FAT32, NTFS, NTFS5 and ExFAT.
It recovers files from various HDD like SATA, SCSI, IDE, etc.

Hard drive recovery application can recover data from Windows and Mac computers and also to any hard drives. This software authorizes that you successfully recover data from memory cards, flash drives, pen drives and most other storage devices. This drive recovery utility enables you to revive your deleted data without missing single file. It’s too professional of restoring much more than 300 file types. After going through the things about the solution you certainly will always choose to use this software to restore files on the external drive like SATA. Now you may get this software anytime for trial use and then receive the complete edition of the software.