Finest Way to Recover Lost File after Windows OS Reinstallation Blog

Windows operating system is widely used by most of the people around the world because of its good performance and friendly user interface. It is designed and marketed by Microsoft Corporation with having different new and updated versions of Widows operating system. Generally people use Windows OS for different kinds of purpose such as storing, retrieving and updating their important files and folder in a very secure manner.

But sometimes you need to reinstall your Windows operating system once again due to many numbers of reasons. Don’t go panic in thinking about the recovery of files. However reinstalling Windows OS may not results to permanent loss of files from your hard drive, the data can be still be recovered after reinstallation by using some dominant authorized recovery tool named as Recover Lost Files. This software is the robust and efficient data recovery tool which is capable to recover lost files after reinstalling Windows in few simple steps.

So, if you would like to recover lost files after reinstallation then simply stop using the hard drive and make sure you do not save any new files to the hard drive, as this may result in overwriting of files and permanent data loss. Hence once the file is overwritten then it is not possible to recover lost files after reinstalling Windows by using any data recovery tool.

What happens soon after reinstallation Windows?

When you reinstall windows over the existing installation then it will do the following changes:

  • It immediately copies the original system files to the system hard drive.
  • It will reset various Windows setting into its default mode.

As you reinstall Windows OS, “Documents and Settings” folder get reinitialized and the files present in that folder become erased. These files can be recovered from your system hard drive until these files are not overwritten. Overwriting of files will remove the previously saved data permanently from the system, hence chances of data recovery becomes minimal. To know how to reinstall Windows in safe way you may visit this link.

What is the need to reinstall of Windows operating system on your computer?

Reinstallation of Windows is needed, if your Windows installation becomes older and it needs to upgrade, also when some harmful viruses or malwares were unable to remove from your system or if any software related problem or Windows system becomes unbootable, etc. these above situation comes due to many reasons:

  • Your Windows system file becomes corrupted or deleted.
  • Program that run at startup give rise to an error result in system crash.
  • Any corruption to the Windows Registry may lead to reinstall the Windows OS.
  • Hardware failure can make your system to crash.
  • When severe virus attacks on Windows physically and logically occurs, then it may cause the system faulty and produce bad sectors on the hard drive which will lead you to reinstall Windows OS.

Some Important Features of this tool:

  1. Recover Lost Files software is one of the powerful and effective data recovery tool which scans and perform lost data recovery after Windows Reinstallation in a few matter of time.
  2. This application has unique built-in algorithm, which recover lost files after reinstalling Windows which include all the latest version of Window OS such as Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows XP, Windows 8 and other versions of Windows operating system in a easy way.
  3. It can easily recover lost files from various file system like FAT16, FAT32, NTFS, NTFS5 file system
  4. This tool retrieve over more than 300 types of files such as audios, videos, photos, documents, spreadsheets, presentations, etc. on the basis of their unique file signature.
  5. It supports recovery of lost files after reinstallation of Windows on different hard drive interfaces such as PATA, SATA, IDE, SCSI, etc in secure manner.