Guidelines to recover deleted items from Outlook 2010

Microsoft Outlook 2010 is widely used for to be in touch through emails, setting memento, meetings, saving contacts etc. and all these are accumulated in a single Personal Storage Table file known as PST files. Many business organizations, IT sectors, Colleges etc, are using MS Outlook as a medium for mail replace. The PST file is not only a platform email but also for other Outlook attributes like contacts, appointments, calendar, etc. All the files containing these attributes are stored on the hard drive like other files.

Emails are the best way to stay connected with friends, family, colleagues. Microsoft Outlook is the most preferred email client as you can create and manage more than one account in it and you can access it in offline mode too. There are many reasons where your emails may get deleted from inbox, sent items, drafts etc. So be prepared for such type of disasters happens to you. One often deletes unwanted files or any other Outlook item to keep their system efficient. Some times while deleting those unimportant files you may delete your precious Outlook attribute data. This results in huge data loss, now you are struggling to find solution to regain Outlook PST files data deleted due to accidental deletion. Now in such circumstances you don’t need to panic because, with the help of Outlook 2010 file recover software you can recoup your deleted files.

The above listed scenarios are some familiar reasons where most users face such type of problems and gets irritate, now it’s possible to recoup your deleted files with the help of this software whatever may be the reason for deletion.

  • Virus intrusion: This is the most frequent reason, which leads to deletion of files from Outlook PST. These viruses may spread through email attachment, internet modems, modems etc, to infect the files results in loss of files.
  • Inappropriate shutdown: While viewing emails or modifying emails, Suppose your computer shuts suddenly due to power outage, this might lead to deletion of that files.
  • Accidental deletion: Whereas deleting some unwanted files from inbox to save the space in Outlook, there may be chance that by mistake you delete your precious files, resulting in loss of files.
  • Up gradation of MS office Outlook: When you wish to upgrade your Microsoft Outlook, PST files in it get corrupt due to improper installation and thus all your emails become inaccessible.


This tool is elegant because by default it regains all deleted emails and includes them in the new PST file. In the occasion when you don’t know the exact position of your PST files which is to be recoup, the tool provides you with the option to search the PST file with help of his advance scanning technology. During scanning process the software instantaneously saves the PST files in the virtual memory. Therefore, a smaller amount of system resources is used.

Some important guidelines to prevent files loss from Outlook 2010 are:

  • You should not forget to create as well as maintain regular backups to regain all your important data in cases of data loss.
  • As all we know that PST file has a specific size limit exceeding size limit issues and slow Outlook performances. So, it is highly suggested not to save a large number of mails or other items in a single PST files.

The demo version of the software is available to confirm its capacity. Just download the trial version and install it in your PC and execute it, when you perform, it is going to get back all deleted / lost PST files to make them visible. So you can get the obtained files. If you want to save the regained files, you have to purchase the software.