How to Make an Effective PowerPoint Presentation?

In these days, PowerPoint presentations have become very common in several places like organizations, schools, colleges, business people, etc. Professors, lecturers, teachers use PowerPoint presentations to give lecture in schools, colleges, and universities. Whereas, corporate people use PowerPoint application to prepare slides regarding their latest ideas, projects, etc. The key to success in each and every field is to make an effective PowerPoint presentation. How to make an effective PowerPoint presentation file? Do not worry, here are few simple tips to make an effective PowerPoint presentation slides. Just follow the tips mentioned below:

  1. Use the slide master feature to create a consistent and simple design template. It is good to vary the content presentation. But, be consistent with other elements such as fonts, backgrounds, and colors.
  2. Simplify and limit the number of words on each slide. Use key phrases and write only essential information.
  3. Limit the punctuation and avoid putting words in all capital letters. Empty spaces in on the slide will enhance readability.
  4. Use contrasting colors for texts and backgrounds. Light text on dark background or dark texts in light background is termed as best. Patterned background can reduce the readability of text.
  5. Over usage of special effects such as animations, and sounds may make your presentation cutesy and may create negative impact on your credibility.
  6. Use good quality images that reinforce and complement your message. Make sure that your image maintains its impact and resolution when projected on a larger screen.
  7. Limit the number of slides. Presenters who constantly flip to the next slide are likely to lose their audience. A good rule of thumb is one slide per minute.
  8. Learn to navigate your presentation in a non linear fashion. PowerPoint allows you to jump ahead or back without having to page through all the interim slides.
  9. If possible view your slides on the screen you are using for your presentation. Ensure that the slides are readable from the back row seats. Text and graphical images should be large enough to read, but should not be too large as to appear loud.
  10. Do not read from your slides. Remember that the contents of your slide are for audience and not for the presenter. Always run your presentation from the hard disk rather from CD/DVD or floppy. Running presentations from CD or DVD or floppy may slow down your presentation.