How to Recover Data from NTFS Partition?

Most of the system hard drive storage devices are formatted by using different file system such as FAT16, FAT32, NTFS, ExFAT, etc on their Windows system. It depends on user choices which file system they want to use. Maximum system users all over the world are preferred to go for NTFS file system for their hard disk. Whenever user wants to reinstall the Windows or purchase a new hard disk, the operating system ask to format the drive with NTFS file system. But, user don’t know what is NTFS partition and how does it works?

What is NTFS Partition?

New Technology File System (NTFS) is the newest file system version and the component of the corporate oriented Windows NT advanced server network operating system environment and Windows NT operating environment. It is supported on all the Windows operating system versions and on Windows 7 and 8 OS the default file system is NTFS. NTFS hard drive partition is more secure when compare to other file systems like FAT16, and FAT32.NTFS recovery

NTFS partition hard disk provides user data protection and recovery option, gives security through directory and file, and it also provides long file name. For every hard disk file system is important in order to control file operations like retrieving data, saving data, etc. NTFS formatted partition enables faster file speed on the hard drives interface like SATA, IDE, etc. In NTFS partition drive, the main storage table associated to that partition is MFT (Master File Table) on Windows system. It stores all the necessary information of the files such as file type, date of creation, file size, file name etc.

However, in spite of all these features of NTFS partition drive. User may face data loss situation in most occasions like while converting one file system to another file system user may make mistakes because he/she don’t know the proper procedure of file system conversion. Hence, this will cause user to lose complete data which was stored in the NTFS partition hard drives. In such situation, user might look for how to perform NTFS recovery?

There are some other reasons behind deletion or loss of files and folders from NTFS formatted hard drives which includes corruption of Master File Table, severe virus infection, and many more. Few of them are mentioned below:

  • Most of the times user makes silly mistakes, in order to free up NTFS hard disk memory space user think of erasing the some waste data that was stored in the system. While deleting unwanted files user may accidentally select the important files and folders and delete it using shift + delete button. As this action will bypass the recycle bin and erase the data permanently. Hence, NTFS recovery tool helps user to get back data easily.
  • Suppose, if user using older version of Windows operating system and they have downloaded some data from emails or other web sites. The downloaded files are get stored in the operating system drive or C drive. User wants to upgrade the operating system with new version while reinstalling user formats the NTFS partition hard drive where the older or previous operating system was installed. The data stored in download folder will be erased when user formats the drive and this will lead to data loss situation.
  • Other factors for loss of data are deletion or lose of NTFS partition, operating system crash, etc.

If you are facing this type of data loss situation then make use of NTFS recovery software to retrieve data after erasing files using shift + delete key, lost/deleted NTFS partition hard drive, etc. This tool has a self descriptive user interface that helps user to understand the recovery process easily.