How to Recover Files from Inaccessible External Hard Drive?

usb hard drive recovery“Imagine a situation like you are busy to work on computer and need some files saved on external hard drive. You connect an external drive to the system via a data cable and try to search files from it, but your hard drive isn’t working and you are unable to access the files from it”.

In general, these types of situation arise due to some technical fault or silly human mistakes. There are various factors which can result external drive inaccessible on system such as improper handling of external drive, ejecting drive from the computer without using “Safely Remove Hardware and Eject Media” option, malicious program infection on the drive, and many others. In all of these cause can result in drive inaccessibility and create a big trouble for you.

External hard drives may contain your important financial data, work documents, precious images, study related documents and many other useful things. Inaccessibility of external drive on computer does not indicate that all data saved on the drive is lost. Still, there is a possibility of data recover from external drive.

How to recover data from inaccessible hard drive?

In order to recover files from inaccessible external hard drive, Drive Recovery Software will help you in retrieving files from drive on your Windows and Mac OS computers easily. Whatever can be a reason of data loss; it works fine and restores data from the drive within a very less span of time. Let us see some outstanding features of this recovery program which makes it different from others recovery products:

  • Drive Recovery program helps in recovering files from external drive by proving on-screen instructions which help a technical as well as non technical user to comfortably recover their files from external drive.
  • It helps you to recover files from external hard drives based on a file type, name, file extension, date of creation and also avoid other files recovery by using select file type feature. If the file type you are looking to recover is not available, then you can also add a file signature with the help of “Add / Edit Signature” option and easily recover them.
  • Trial version of Drive Recovery app allows you to take the preview of recovered files, so that you can see the restored files and judge performance before purchasing it. If you are satisfied with the result, then purchase the license and save recovered files.
  • This hassle free program supports file recovery from external drive that can be formatted, not recognized, reformatted, damaged, broken or crashed easily.

 Steps to Recover Files from Inaccessible External Hard Drive:

  • After successfully downloading and installing Drive Recovery Software, connect external drive to the computer and launch the software by double clicking on icon present on desktop.
  • Welcome screen will appear with three different options, choose “Recover Drive” option.
  • Next screen will come with two options. Here select “Partition Recovery” option and select the external drive from the list of logical drives.
  • Once you select external drive, it will start scanning process and recover all files from the external drive.
  • You can take the preview of them, but to save them you need to purchase the license of it.