How USB Hard Drive Recovery Can be Made Easier?

usb hard drive recovery

There is no end of information and our computer hard drives are finding themselves helpless in accommodating such a large piece of data. Further rise of computational habit also raised the risk of data loss. So we invented USB hard drives long ago.

These USB hard drives provide ample space for storing large bunch of images, movies, music and documents. Plus point is you can carry them any where you want. You can also have numerous alternatives for storing like USB connectivity, Fire Wire technology or you can use NAS and get connection with external hard drive over their local network.

But you got in trouble when a hard drive fails. We all have been there and it’s the divine rule of substance that they fail at the end of their cycle. And if you have not back up your data, then you got your lesson right.

Really USB Failure!

First thing to do is to ask is it really a failure or not the one of those technical glitches that can cause boot failure. So what you can do for that?

Trick is to find out if you can access your USB hard drive or not. Connect it to a healthy computer and check if your failed hard drive is showing or not on your computer. If your hard drive does show up and reveal its files, then luckily USB is fine and you might need to reinstall the operating system.

And if it doesn`t show up

You are doomed!

Just kidding.  Now you`re experiments with hard drive can take two turns.

  •             Mechanical Problem
  •             Logical Problem

Mechanical failure exhibits that you have not been treating your hard drive good. You have let it exposed to extreme conditions like higher temperature, moisture or let it drop from heights. Now you are really in a mess. Unfortunately this is going to dig a big hole in your pocket. You will need to send the USB hard drive to data recovery experts who are going to charge not less than thousand bucks.

Logical Problems 

Logical problems you can take a sigh of relief! This is recoverable; you will need to     install USB hard   drive recovery software. Logical problem includes:

  • File System corruption:The majority of external USB and FireWire hard drives will use the same file system as its host computer, mainly being Windows or Mac. And it can get corrupt. For example it can turn RAW if you have suddenly unplugged the drive. This error type can be guessed if system asks to format he drive.
  • Accidently formatting the drive: Many issues can compel you to format your USB hard drive. If you have formatted one then it is extremely important to know that you should not write anything o that drive.
  • Deleted wrong files: Well we are humans and regularly make mistakes. But it is important to take your lesson, and stop using your USB hard drive. Also if you got back your data do not save in the same drive.

Wow! That’s a hell of information but it won`t b complete if I do not talk about the Solution.

The key solution is to use data recovery and get your data back. Check this page to know more about recovering data from your USB hard drive.

It is important here that your operating system has recognized the drive. Use USB hard drive recovery to get deleted files back. You can recover even entire partition with this software.

That’s all about USB data recovery…