Simple Way of Recovering NTFS Partition

Partitions are created on a hard drive to organize files and folders on your system, which also allows user to separate the operating system and other application files from user‘s files, this practice will reduce the chance of huge data loss. New Technology File System or NTFS is perfect to handle very large partition than its predecessors like FAT. It is widely used with Windows devices for the same reason.

NTFS file system helps to improve the performance of your Windows device. It allows the system to work faster than FAT file system, the latter uses governing table to store information about data where as NTFS uses file clusters. The technical improvements of NTFS file system made it more reliable; disk utilization has increased considerably, the additional features like security access control lists and file system journaling all contributed to make it smarter than FAT and other file systems. However, the features have nothing to do with data loss situations that occur with NTFS partition.

Some common situations leading to the loss of data from NTFS partition

  • Lack of space: Partition that uses NTFS file system may become inaccessible if there is not enough space, while trying to resize the partition on Windows system.
  • Usage of third party application: At times user might depend on unreliable third party application for performing partition management operations and this can lead to data loss situations from NTFS partition.
  • Deletion/ formatting: Deleting wrong partition while trying to remove unwanted partition from system, similarly choosing very important partition instead of formatting unwanted partition.
  • Partition table corruption: In case, if the partition table gets corrupted, user might have to deal with loss of NTFS partition on Windows PC.
  • File system conversion: There is a higher chance of losing NTFS partition due to erroneous file system conversion, or error during defragmentation.
  • Disk management utility failure: There may be instances like these, which will cause loss of NTFS partition.
  • Other causes: OS re-installation, more number of bad sectors, OS upgradation, overwriting the existing hard drive all contributes to the loss of file from NTFS partition.

If you are encountering situations that led to the loss of files from NTFS partition then the first thing to keep in mind is not to overwrite the NTFS partition with new files this will ensure easy recovery of files from NTFS partition. To avoid major data loss situations like these, it is always recommended to take backup of the NTFS partition. But in case, if you neglect to take backup due to some reason then you can employ the services of NTFS Partition Recovery application which ensures recovery of files from NTFS partition in any adverse situation.

NTFS Partition Recovery tool is one of the most recommended applications that help to restore files from formatted or deleted NTFS partition. The application can be used to perform partition recovery on various versions of Windows operating system like Windows 8, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows XP, etc. By using this application you can recover data from RAW and RAID partitions.

More features of NTFS Partition Recovery tool

  • It scans the entire NTFS hard drive partition using the advanced scanning technique employed with this utility allowing safe recovery of data from lost or deleted NTFS partition.
  • The simple and advanced user interface make things much easier to the user, user doesn’t needs to be technically good in utilizing this application to recover deleted or lost files from NTFS partition.
  • Trial version of NTFS Partition Recovery tool allows user to view the files that are recovered from NTFS partition, opt for full version to save the recovered files to the desired location.