What’s New in Android Lollipop?

Android Lollipop is an Android mobile operating system version which is developed by Google extends across the versions between 5.0 and 5.1.1. The Android platform has gone through several major features updated since its first baby steps, but to date Android Lollipop has extremely been the most important which possess a huge content, application, and game library by the use of Google Play stores. It is backed up by large number of expert developers.

Lollipop is the latest version which is redesigned with the help of advanced heritage blocks design language or user interface build language called Material Design and it contains entirely innovative visual effects. It guaranteed to set up Android in latest device categories like Smartphone, Smart watches, and ultimately an Android runtime on Chrome books will enhance Google’s desktop existence. The main change of the Lollipop is notification improvement which can be read from the lock screen and displayed within the current running application as top-of-the-screen banners.

Google also prepared interior modification to the Lollipop platform, with the Android Runtime formally changing Dalvik (process virtual machine (VM)) for enhanced application performance and proposed to optimize and improve battery usage successfully. Android Lollipop mobile OS version contains various extraordinary features which can be listed as follows,

Best Features of Lollipop Android Mobile OS: 

  • Unnecessary utilization of network devices while using Wi-Fi will be secured
  • Secures for abrupt application closing
  • Enhanced battery management
  • Problems with wireless connections solved
  • Issues with Okay Google task fixed
  • Notifications issues solved
  • Silent mode added after losing on Android 5.0
  • Common improvements in device stability
  • Enhanced RAM management
  • Some sound issues practiced by some devices solved
  • Modification in the Material Design color palette

Some of the best features of Lollipop Android OS Mobile Operating System are given above. To know more detailed features follow this link.

How to Speedily Access Quick Settings: 

You might be bothered considering a single swipe just brings the notification shade with notification list and you have to swipe a 2nd time to catch into your Quick settings. If you desire to get direct into those Quick settings without 2nd swipe, then immediately swipe down with two fingers. 

How to create profiles: 

The facility to generate profiles and order what those profiles have access to is especially useful for shared tablets. To achieve this, pull down notification shade and tap on profile photo in the top-right corner. There is a Guest profile which is by default that is grand if you are giving your phone to somebody and you desire to make sure they won’t falter on anything. For more special options you can generate new profiles through Add user. Just keep in mind to set up a Password, Lock pattern, PIN, for any profile you don’t ready to allow others access.